Our Program

Earth Explorers Quest (6th)

Earth Explorers: Quest for sixth graders is the newest addition to the existing Earth Explorers program. This quarter-long course was created to introduce sixth grade students to the world of professional science and engineering through hands-on projects and activities. Students have multiple opportunities to work with working scientists or science and engineering PhD candidates from area universities. Student teams are taught basic research, storytelling, website creation, and still photography. Throughout the quarter students take still photos of their assigned scientist and the experiment that they conduct together. At the end of the semester, teams present their own creative Video Slideshows at a red-carpet Premiere.

Earth Explorers Voyage (7th and 8th)

In Earth Explorers: Voyage students learn research, interviewing, storytelling, and videography skills. During the semester, EE: Voyage students go on several field trips and participate in after school sessions which include several opportunities to meet and interview a scientist or engineer who works at a federal, academic, or business lab doing real-world research. An elective course like band or athletics, the experiences and activities taught during after-school Earth Explorers sessions are essential to each student’s learning. In addition to one-on-one work with a scientist or engineer, each student team will be assigned a mentor (usually students from CU Boulder) who will help students form professional relationships with scientists and complete their video presentations.

Earth Explorers Expedition (8th/Advanced)

Earth Explorers: Expedition for eighth graders is an enrichment course for students who have already taken Earth Explorers Journey or a comparable 7th grade videography class. In this eighth grade semester course, students build on the knowledge and skills they learned in Earth Explorers: Journey to research a STEM topic of their choice, interview scientists and engineers who are authorities on that topic, and with the help of teachers and mentors, each team will produce an original movie about their topic that they share at an end-of-semester red carpet Premiere. The eighth grade course is intended to allow experienced students to work more independently and pursue their own interests while teachers and mentors guide their work.

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