Our Program

The mission of Earth ExplorersTM is to open doors to science and 21st century skills by educating and mentoring underrepresented youth. We use video technology to connect young people to deep networks of community resources.


6th Grade Students


7th/8th Grade Students

The students are taught video and new media technology, interviewing and storytelling. We introduce them to working scientists from institutions like NCAR and NOAA. The students research the scientists’ work, form teams and choose scientists. They interview their scientists, video their lab and field work and return to the video lab to produce 5 to 8 minute videos. The students present their videos at a public gala with the school, the scientists and the community.


7th/8th Grade Students(Advanced)

In addition to science and these basic skills, the higher goal of Earth ExplorersTM is to introduce the possibility to these young people that they can become scientists and engineers. Most of these young people will be the first in their family to finish high school, much less go to college.