The mission of Earth ExplorersTM is to open doors to science and 21st century skills by educating and mentoring underrepresented youth. We use video and new media technology to connect young people to deep networks of community resources.

Our students learn video technology, interviewing and storytelling. We introduce them to working scientists at institutions like NCAR and NOAA. They interview their scientists, video their lab and field work and return to the video lab to produce 5 to 8 minute videos. The students present their videos at a public gala with the school, the scientists and the community.

We are a volunteer-driven, hands-on organization with great ambitions to help more young people connect with science careers. Our aggressive growth schedule includes the desire to increase our presence to 10 schools in the coming 2 school years and impact the lives of 320 students each semester. For this to happen, we need new board members, volunteers and individual contributors to support our organization’s growth.