Earth Explorers is an independent nonprofit that partners with local schools and research institutions to provide Science and Filmmaking Education programs to middle-schoolers who need it the most. Earth Explorers has developed three programs for 6th, 7th and 8th grade that students take as elective STEM courses during the course of their normal school day. Earth Explorers is more than just a class: our students go on field trips, come to after school and Saturday workshops and work with not only a local scientist or engineer but a dedicated college mentor as well. Through the Earth Explorers programs students learn not only about cutting edge research and technology and how to make a film, they learn the social capital skills and and develop grit and determination needed to succeed. They learn to see themselves as scientists, engineers, filmmakers and more; they learn to see themselves as whatever it is they want to be.”

Earth Explorers by the Numbers

Founded 2010
Current Number of Schools Offering EE Programs 4
Current Number of Teachers teaching an EE course 7
Number of students since 2010 944
Number of Senior Volunteers currently working on the nonprofit 10
Number of Scientist and Mentor Volunteers since 2010 292
Number of Scientist and Volunteer hours donated since 2010 3,603
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