About the Organization

Our Mission

The mission of Earth Explorers is to open doors to science and 21st-century skills by educating and mentoring underrepresented youth. We use video and new media technology to connect young people to deep networks of community resources.

Our Vision

A diverse community of students ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Our Values

We value underrepresented youth: We serve and support young people who may be first in their families to finish high school and attend college, by giving them experiences that create concrete possibilities and paths for them to become scientists and engineers.

We value accessible scientists: We seek to demystify science and technology for students through close association with dynamic and diverse scientists.

We value high expectations: We teach responsibility, resilience, creativity, and hope in all our work with students.

Our History

Earth Explorers started in 2010 as an after school program for 7th graders at Trail Ridge Middle School in Longmont, CO. Students worked in teams to create short films about scientists and engineers in the region. Over the years the program evolved and expanded. Earth Explorers moved from an after school club into the traditional school day, programs for 6th and 8th graders were developed, and the courses were offered at additional area middle schools. Through the years and expansions, the core of the program has remained the same. Students continue to work in diverse teams, meeting and filming local scientists and engineers to create films about their research. Today, Earth Explorers programs for 7th and 8th graders are offered at Westview Middle School in Longmont each fall semester.

Our Team


Co-Founder and Board Vice-Chair