Ryan Neely, Earth Explorers Scientist

“Being a EE scientist was like seeing the world through a new set of eyes again. It reminded me of the joy of seeing something new for the first time.  I always came away with more energy than I… Read More

Graham Lau, Earth Explorers Scientist

“As a scientist and a communicator of science, I have a true appreciation for the Earth Explorers program – not only does it inspire the students to engage with a scientist and learn more about scientific research, but… Read More

Savannah, Earth Explorers 2019 student, writing to her scientist

“Thank you so much for letting us learn about your science and coming to your lab. There were so many cool things we learned that we will never forget. Our favorite part was filming all the action film… Read More

Jayme Margolin-Sneider, Westview Middle School Teacher

“Students that have thought college is not for them, have gotten so excited visiting college campuses, meeting with college students, and going into professional labs and then hearing about the career path of those scientists! These students are… Read More

Frida, Earth Explorers student 2012

“I had never met a scientist outside of Earth Explorers before so getting into it, meeting all these new mentors was really cool. … The first time I got into this program I thought I was going to… Read More

Shannon O’Neil, Earth Explorers student 2012

“I’m so glad to hear that EE is still going strong. It made a bigger impact on me in my journey as a scientist than most other things I can think of. From someone who came from no… Read More