Ryan Neely, Earth Explorers Scientist

“Being a EE scientist was like seeing the world through a new set of eyes again. It reminded me of the joy of seeing something new for the first time.  I always came away with more energy than I left. These kids want to learn. They want to do real science and see the world in new ways. 
Lasers have become part of people’s lives either through entertainment, the news or a myriad of invisible ways that help create life as we know it. Most kids never get to play with a laser directly or do science with one. 

I am a scientist that uses lasers to help see the world in a way we as people cannot do on our own. We cannot touch the clouds and atmospheric particles I want to measure.  Explaining this idea to kids who have never stopped to think about ‘exploring’ the world in this way always made me smile. You could see the light bulb in their heads turn on when they flipped the laser’s switch and saw the numbers on the sensor change as we shot a laser though cloud they had just created with milk in water.”